World War G 122: You’re Spiderman-ing Wrong

Spider-Man Homecoming trailer, did it give away too much? Michael Keaton likes playing tiny flying things, Beauty and the Beast review, stays true to the animated version, maybe a little too much CGI, ties up a few questions, the best Disney reboot, Life movie review, it sounds like alien, Power Rangers movie review, it's not bad, the morph is inside of you, Sherlock Holmes season 4 review, he's kind of a tool, the best movies in movie trilogies including Star Wars, Back to the Future, Captain America, Evil Dead and more, Back to the Future 2 is future-ific, Men in Black should not have had any sequels, AJ had a Banemance, it's hard to argue with Heath Ledger, peculiar Pepper powers, Toy Story 2 or 3, how can Troy pick!? The fourth annual March Movie Madness in April kicks off. 

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