World War G 126: Sorry Val Kilmer

Born in China movie review, it takes place in China! Playing retro games instead of seeing movies, Animal Crossing, Batman, Harry Potter Quiditch, our dark version of Animal Crossing, Mr. Bean is returning, orignal Power Rangers not happy with reboot, black ranger please, shut up and ride the gravy train! Lack of Wonder Woman movie advertising, these toys are for adult collectors, another DC movie rant, actors cast for live action Timon and Pumba, Jeff Goldblum returning to Jurassic Park, Marvel's Secret Empire and how the retailers are dealing with it, an Unbreakable sequel is M. Night's next film, Val Kilmer would love to play Batman again, boxing Kangaroo taken out of Tekken 7 amid protests but who will speak for the Koopas? Orange is the New Black has been shownapped, Netflix does not negotiate with terrorists, Full list of comics for Free Comic Book Day.  

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