World War G 137: Quack You!

15 cartoons you loved as a child that actually suck including, Gummi Bears, G.I.Joe, Super Friends and more, Troy's first voice over audition story, Game of Thrones show runners working on new TV series set in a world where the south won the Civil War, SHAZAM! Is the DCEU's next film...apparently, Fox is working on a Doctor Doom movie, Del Toro's Shape of the Water trailer discussion, Drago in Creed 2, Netflix's and Will Smith's Bright trailer discussion, it looks like a mix between Men in Black, Bad Boys and Alien Nation, 2 new Harry Potter books to be released, the most British story we have ever done, Walking Dead Comic Book not ending for a while, Danny Trejo in Flash season 4, trailer discussion including Stranger Things 2, Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League and more, War for the Planet of the Apes movie review. 

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