World War G 41: Honda! Honda!

Join Troy and AJ this week as they welcome new panelist Lukas to the podcast. Ghostbusters 2 is awful, mickey mouse is a homeless man, Howard Stern hates us, Troy's home owner problems, Troy and AJ's Nickelcade man-date, beat 3 games in 45 minutes, is it E. Honda or P. Honda? Nerd fight! jumping ship to Marvel, Troy still hates Deadpool and AJ still hates Superman, The Fresh Prince and Deadpool connection, Valiant Heart video game, Star Wars card trader app, Lukas is the first person we've met who owns and plays a Wii U, Super Smash bros and Mario Kart, we still don't know how the Nintendo blaster worked, Legend of Korra and Avatar, Why is Insurgent? Maggie trailer, It Follows movie review, the STD (sexually transmitted demon) 

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