World War G 83: Pull the Trigger on Some Fools

We sing the praises of Uncharted 4, if you are a human being you should play this game, Indiana Jones on 'roids, should they make an Uncharted movie? did you play with the Lemur? That Captain America controversy, Jesse Eisenburg will return for Justice League movie, Tom Hiddleston in talks to play James Bond, do it for the money Daniel Craig, 11 best superhero rivalries, Hulk vs Thor who is stronger? Bruce Banner vs Reed Richards who is smarter? Superman vs The Flash who is faster? The complicated many leveled relationship of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, the strange ever changing roles of Cyclops and Wolverine, why Marvel and DC no longer need each other, DC's money back guarantee, another Halloween movie is on the way, how the Alien franchise is like the Bible. We get deep on this one.    

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