World War G

Each week Troy, AJ sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

May 25th, 2020    

World War G 270: Sister Cirrhosis

Today in Geek History- Indiana Jones premiers in theaters and the best 3rd movies in trilogies

Everyone Loves a List- The 15 animals that kill the most humans per year

This Week in Geek- A new Daredevil game is in development, petition to keep 'Headstrong' off the Tony Hawk Pro-Skater soundtrack, Ruby Rose exits Batwoman, Empire turns 40 and originally had a different ending, Assassin's Creed Valhalla could feature battles with Thor and Odin, Crayola to release skin color crayons.

Revs and Rex- Fantasy Island review and everyone should take a stay-cation.

May 17th, 2020    

World War G 269: Cuddah Says No

Discussion: How much would it take for you to lick a toilet?

This Week in Geek: Patty Jenkins confirms Wonder Woman spin-off movie, movie theaters are slowly opening up again and most are drive-ins, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 to be re-released and remastered, OJ Simpson killed the Gargoyles too...allegedly, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield slated for a rematch, Jonah Hill has sworn more than any other actor on screen.

Revs and Rex: Solar Opposites

May 10th, 2020    

World War G 268: CyberJunk 2077

We wish a very special celebrity a happy birthday

Taste test: Birthday cake Kit Kats

This Week in Geek: Demolition Man 2 being developed, Nic Cage to play Joe Exotic in Tiger King film, Taika Waititi to write and direct new Star Wars film, The Fury Files coming to Disney+, Boba Fett to appear in The Mandolorian season 2, Cyberpunk 2077 character creation lets you customize EVERYTHING on your character.

Revs and Rex: You can play Streets of Rage on your phone

May 3rd, 2020    

World War G 267: Daniel Craig and the Misfits

Discussion and a list- Who should play the X-Men in the MCU and when is a casserole a soup?

This week in geek- Assassin's Creed Valhalla trailer, AMC will no longer show Universal movies amid Trolls 2 success, the real Conjuring house will be live streamed, the legal battles between D&D and The Lord of the Rings, Resident Evil 4 remake and other games we'd like to see get a reboot, why did Batman actually slap Robin, The Hunger Games prequel.

Revs and Rex- Ozark season 3, Dave and The Dark Side of the Ring.

Troy's Toys- 1/4 scale Donatello figure from NECA

April 28th, 2020    

World War G 266: I’m the Devil Now!

Discussion- Audio books, voice actors and the March Movie Madness in April competition

This week in Geek- New snake species has been given a very worthy name, Mandalorian season 3 already in preproduction, covid could signal the return of drive in movie theaters, museums challenged to show off creepiest objects, Venom 2 title is okay, Rise of Skywalker dropping on Disney+ two months early on May 4th.

Revs and Rex- Extraction on Netflix, Animal Crossing and the Nintendo Switch


April 20th, 2020    

World War G 265: The Contra Virus

Taste test-Homemade Disney Dole Whip

Nintendo Switch to have a controversial feature, James Gunn's 27 sequels better than the original, Saved by the Bell reboot, Disney+ to air 8-part Mandolorian documentary, San-Diego comic-con cancelled, Justice League Dark coming to HBO, Nintendo Switch sold out everywhere.

AJ gives you the proper way to clean your PS4

March Movie Madness in April update.

April 13th, 2020    

World War G 264: Making Dole and Making Dough

Today in Geek History: An iconic rock and roll song debuted back in 1954.

This Week in Geek: Louisiana police are using the Purge siren for Covid curfew, Matthew McConoughey is playing Bingo with senior citizens, Batman reads Batman comic books, Disney has shared their iconic Dole Whip recipe, Disney's Robin Hood is getting a CGI remake and NBA 2K has a new champion, basketball seriously.

Revs and Rex: Ozark and Silicon Valley

April 7th, 2020    

World War G 263: Bruh, You Got the ‘Rona?

Going to the store and feeling like it's illegal,

Today in geek history: The Fox network debuts in 1987

This week in Geek: Marvel changes all it's release dates, Ant-Man 3 finds it's writer, IDW's TMNT comic to stop with issue #105, Artemis Fowl debuting on Disney+, local food drive accidentally gives away candy laced with THC, John Krasinski's YouTube channel Some Good News.

Revs and Rex: Elder Scrolls mobile game and Batman and Bill doc.

March 31st, 2020    

World War G 262: Don’t Beat a Dead Thanos

Discussion: We spend nearly the entire episode on what was suppose to be just our opening segment! We discuss if we could only watch one movie from each genre for the rest of our lives which would they be and why? We talk about our favorite western, fantasy, slasher, musical, disaster movie and a lot more!

Revs and Recs: Swamp Thing and Tiger King (of course)


March 22nd, 2020    

World War G 261: Quit Stalin

Listener line: What supervillain could have created the corona virus and which superhero could stop it?

Taste Test: Eggo Blueberry and Homestyle waffle cereal

How has life changed for us since the pandemic?

This Week in Geek: Hollywood will never be the same, Hollywood box office the lowest it has been in over 20 years, Game stop stores staying open, Universal offering $20 rentals on new releases, Rosario Dawson cast as Ahsoka Tano in Mandalorian season 2, Wonder Woman could release digitally instead of theatrically.

Revs and Recs: Residest Evil 3 demo, Onward and Superman Red Son.


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