World War G

Each week Troy, AJ and Colton sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

October 15th, 2018    

World War G 194: $20 and a Jar of Jelly Beans

 Troy won 2 free movie tickets and other competitions we've won over the years, Jamie Lee Curtis accused of being a hypocrite, Charles Manson's bone fragments headed to a "haunted" museum, Black Panther director signs on for sequel, Brie Larson signs on for 7 marvel films, Iron Fist has been cancelled, you can stay over night at the Christmas story house, Rookie of the Year remake, Indiana Jones 5, Venom re-review and First Man review, AJ drops a revelation that nearly makes Troy's head explode and can not recover from.


October 8th, 2018    

World War G 193: I Want a Cheese Lick

Copy Right -What year would you time travel back to and why A.K.A. AJ dreams of America's golden age, Colton's quest for greed and Troy's Pop Culture heaven, The Conjuring 3 gets a new director, 1st images of the Pet Semetary reboot with John Lithgow, Star Trek DIscovery season 2 premier date and ANOTHER DC movie rant, Brooklyn 99 cast changes and Andy Samberg's appeal, Dean Caine's problem with Man of Steel is dumb, James Bond will never be a woman. Venom and Atypical season 2 reviews.


October 1st, 2018    

World War G 192: Focus on the Balls

Twenty 90's sitcoms you totally forgot about including 100 Deeds for Eddie Mcdowd, Caroline in the City, Brotherly Love and more, plus we come up with a brilliant reboot for a classic 90's sitcom, Death Standing video game starring Norman Reedus, Red Dead Redemption will take up a lot of spaceon your console, place taking extra care on details on one particular item, Tell Tale games is done and AJ is not happy, BREAKING NEWS! A new version of the ice cream cone is available and we come up with a brilliant new business idea, join the World War G movie league today!


September 24th, 2018    

World War G 191: T & A at the Movies: Captain America The Winter Soldier

Patriotic boner, Fax machines and Captain America v. Cyber Bullies, The Museum of Exposition! Robert Redford legitimizing the MCU, actors whose movies have never been on our radar, are you more of a Marvel fan or a DC? Joaquin Phoenix's Joker look what our thoughts are, there's something Wong, launch the ships Stanley Yelnats! Falcon is...fine, veteran actors showing the young kids how it's done, you're my mission pick up line.


September 17th, 2018    

World War G 190: Tainted Death Water

AJ's short lived career as a stand up comedian, more Police Academy movies coming, posing corpses for funeral, Dave Bautista v. Disney, new LG 8 TV, is technology movig to fast? Henry Caville to star in Witcher series, Mattel movie studio, Dominos tattoo, Ben Affleck, Henry Caville and all the DC drama, the saddest video game easter egg of all time, Venom movie rating revealed, movie reviews, Crazy Rich Asians, Searching, The Nun and A Simple Favor, tales from Fan X Salt Lake Comic Convention, celebrity interviews.


September 3rd, 2018    

World War G 189: Goldblum-esque

We run down all the big names coming to Salt Lake Fan X, mass shooting at gaming tournament opens a bigger discussion, Alec Baldwin cast as Thomas Wayne, Alec Baldwin no longer cast as Thomas Wayne, Streets of Rage 4, what character did we always pick in fighting games, Weird Al gets a star on the Hollywood walk of fame, Disney's new streaming service gets a name, whats going on with all these Joker movies, Troy reviews Alpha and has a mobile game recommendation.


August 27th, 2018    

World War G 188: We Are Goose

Hello Panda cookie taste test, taste like a very popular 90's snack, AJ grew up amish, 1o famous houses you can visit and 10 famous houses that were sets, rom-com with Mom, Big Bang Theory is coming to an end, Batman is an atheist, real life Kwik-E-Mart, the mountain is the colonel, Galaga movie is being made, William Shatner is releasing a christmas album, Dominic Monaghan cast in Star Wars episode 9, Venom will be a trilogy, KSI v. Logan Paul, Top Gun is worth a rewatch, Disenchantment and the NES classic.


August 20th, 2018    

World War G 187: Is Very Bean Forward

This episode brought to you by 7 Layer Dip Pringles, Troy's battle with his Super Nintendo, the 30 films you should watch this fall, Tom Holland can't stop spoiling things, HBO's Watchmen ordered to series, Steve Jobs predicted the future of Podcasting, Lego may have spoiled Aquaman's costume, Will Smith to film two pointless films before he films his third pointless film, perseverance and The Rock, Christopher Robin, The Meg and Slenderman reviews.


August 12th, 2018    

World War G 186: The REAL Bat-Man

Concerts and general music discussion, Daredevil season 3 will be released in 2018, Stan Lee will no longer be signing autographs or appearing at events, 100 million dollar Star Wars TV series, Ruby Rose cast as CW's Batwoman and the social media backlash, Negan will be a playable character in Tekken 7, watching the Kardashians scientifically makes you a terrible person, new Simpsons and Family Guy movies are coming, Germany allowing the Nazi symbol in video games, Slenderman movie backlash, recording an audiobook is harder than you would think.


August 5th, 2018    

World War G 185: I’m Bi-Starsian

20 actors you thought were American but aren't, Animal Farm coming to Netflix, ALF is being rebooted for television, Fargo season 4 to star Chros Rock, is it harder for a comedian to do drama or a dramatic actor to do comedy? Simpsons has no palns to retire Apu, Call of Duty the mobile game, SImpsons won't be leaving Fox despite Disney buy out, Mission Impossible Fallout's Rebecca Ferguson to star in Men in Black sequel, what percentage of geek are you?


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