World War G

Each week Troy, AJ and Colton sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

January 13th, 2019    

World War G 203: Bandersnatch, Hardly Knew Her

We're now PG-13 (F-bomb warning), our thoughts on the superhero movies coming out in 2019 including Glass, Avengers Endgame, X-Men Dark Phoenix and more, Avengers Endgame IMDB credits include some interesting names, early results for Glass are not good, Bird Box challenge is stupid don't do it, DC's newest superhero is Jesus himself, Star Trek 4 has been cancelled, Netflix is being sued over Bandersnatch's choose your own adventure format, X-Men's newest character is a drag queen, AJ reviews Bandersnatch and Resident Evil 2 beta, Punisher season 2 trailer and it's future on Netflix, our merchandise store has a lot more products.


January 2nd, 2019    

World War G 202: Sideways to the Present

Best superhero movie moments of 2018, Jack Black is starting a YouTube gaming channel, Johnny Depp is not returning as Jack Sparrow in any pirates films, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd will be in Zombieland 2, new Walking Dead villain has been announced, Stranger Things 3 has a release date and promo poster, Comjuring 3 will focus on another real life case of Ed and Lorraine Warren, Back to the Future sequel can't happen, Monty Python and the Holy Grail's Michael Palin will be knighted, Movie re-reviews of Spider-Man and Crimes of Grindlewald, Reviews of Vice, Welcome to Marwen and Bird Box, US trailer discussion.  


December 23rd, 2018    

World War G 201: Salty Santa

Troy is sick and it's a race against time in this episode, 9 best Santas in film including The Santa Clause, Christmas Chronicles, Miracle on 34th and more, Spawn may be joining Mortal Kombat 11, Shazam director thinks the Marvel and DC rivalry is stupid, Netflix is adapting several Roald Dahl's stories, "The Butt Stops Here"-Colton 2018, Will Ferrell starting a podcast as Ron Burgundy, Anakin Skywalker's real father has been revealed, Ryan Reynolds to direct horror film based on sub reddit, you suck John Krasinski! Jim Carrey in the new Sonic movie, Spider-Man into the Spider Verse and Aquaman reviews, "It isn’t Christmas until _____ _____ & _____ happens. Please call us!


December 2nd, 2018    

World War G 200: Two and a Half Geeks

Listen as we celebrate 200 episodes, our geek origins and how the podcast got started, listener questions, what exactly is our beef with Brandon Routh? What interests do we have that aren't geeky? Who is our favorite superhero/villain? What originally turned us into geeks? Troy finally tells the story how he spent a night in jail, What was our most embarrassing moment? Where did "Day or Night" come from? Does all of Colossus turn metal? Our favorite moments from the podcast, does AJ still believe in the Ouija boards even after a scientific explanation? AJ and the moon landing, plus more... 


November 26th, 2018    

World War G 199: Bill Maher is Stouchie

All Rocky movies ranked from worst to best including both Creed films, Bill Maher clarifies his Stan Lee comments, The Lion King voted as the best animated film of all time, TJ Miller will not return for Deadpool 3, there is a Sailor Moon musical coming to the U.S., Disney has a patent on the most realistic lightsaber ever, Pokemon Go FINALLY introducing PVP, Reviews of Pokemon Let's Go Nintendo Switch game, The Christmas Chronicles, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Creed 2, last chance to send us you questions for episode 200! Send us an email to OR call us or send a text at 385-240-1692.


November 19th, 2018    

World War G 198: Hot Mario Nonsense

We discuss the passing of the legendary Stan Lee, new Super Mario film in production, Assassin's Creed wine and the history of stupid tie in products, Breaking Bad movie in production, Jon Cryer is Lex Luthor, Batkid is cancer free, Stranger Things even stranger hidden message, Princess Bride author William Goldman has passed, Pee Wee's Playhouse returns to television and it makes us uncomfortable, Trailer trash-Detective Pikachu and Toy Story 4, movie reviews of The House With A Clock In It's Walls, The Grinch, A Star is Born, Overlord and Bohemian Rhapsody, arcade and movie theater technology is making Troy feel like an old man.


November 5th, 2018    

World War G 197: The Sounds of Freedom!

Troy tells a crazy story that happened to him involving being woken up by gun fire and helicopters. This Week in Geek- Bob Saget returns to America's Funniest Home Videos, Red Dead 2 sales are through the roof, Boy Meets World actor fends of home invader, Birds of Prey movie casts it's villain, Gladiator 2 is happening apparently, Diablo is now on mobile, Sabrina series has angered the Church of Satan and Colton is thinking of joining, Winter Soldier and The Falcon getting a limited TV series, Fantastic Beasts 2 has cast young McGonagall. Reviews- Halloween, DC's Titans, Sabrina and a re-review of Haunting of Hill House.


October 29th, 2018    

World War G 196: Work for Your Candy

The Rookie episodes 1 and 2 and The Haunting of Hill House episode 1-5 reviews, Boba Fett movie is officially dead, Harry Potter movies now on Netflix, Clueless remake is in the works, people scattering ashes at Disneyland, Freddy Kruger actor up for more Nightmare on 13th films, Michigan state banning clown costumes at yearly "Boo" festival, what will be the direction of scary movies in the future? Things that we are scared of, Halloween candy discussion.


October 22nd, 2018    

World War G 195: Extra Cheesy

Mac and Cheese candy cane taste test, Orange is the New Black last season, Luke Cage cancelled, Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode will be episode 666, Big Bird actor retires, Halloween is the best sequel in the Halloween franchise, Spider-Man and Harley Quinn are this years top Halloween cosyumes, Universal Studios is building Nintendo Land, Daredevil season 3 review and revisiting the first Halloween film, was it actually a good movie?


October 15th, 2018    

World War G 194: $20 and a Jar of Jelly Beans

 Troy won 2 free movie tickets and other competitions we've won over the years, Jamie Lee Curtis accused of being a hypocrite, Charles Manson's bone fragments headed to a "haunted" museum, Black Panther director signs on for sequel, Brie Larson signs on for 7 marvel films, Iron Fist has been cancelled, you can stay over night at the Christmas story house, Rookie of the Year remake, Indiana Jones 5, Venom re-review and First Man review, AJ drops a revelation that nearly makes Troy's head explode and can not recover from.


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