World War G

Each week Troy, AJ sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

September 19th, 2022    

WWG: The Walking Shrub

Today in Geek History: We discuss where we were during 9-11, also what movies were affected by the attacks.

Fictional Fandoms vs Zombies: A new semi regular segment where we discuss characters from a particular fandom and discuss who would be good and useless in a zombie apocalypse. This week we talk about The Avengers.

T.W.i.G.: Brazil orders Apple to pay 2.3 million, setters of Catan getting a holographic upgrade, Netflix's Arcane wins first ever Emmy for animated streaming movie, Han Solo's blaster goes up for auction, Dwayne Johnson tweet hoax, 3 classic Batman films are being re-released in theaters.

Revs and Revs: Batman Unburied and Mike on Hulu

September 11th, 2022    

WWG: Sign the Guts

Troy's Toys: Black Adam Hawkman figure

Happy Birth/Death Day: Dick York, Beyonce, Steve Irwin and more

This Week in Geek: Trick r Treat coming to theaters for the first time, Rings of Power viewership, buy every video game console ever made on ebay for 1 million dollars, early reviews for X prequel Pearl are good, Blockbuster reborn, 600 ancient bone dice found in Israel.

Revs and Rex: Bloods, 3000 Years of Longing and Untold on Netflix.


September 4th, 2022    

WWG: Teenage Mutant Ninja Fertiles

Today in Geek History: March on Washington, Princess Diana divorce, Chadwick Boseman and more

T.W.i.G.: Four new ninja turtles, Community could be getting movie, hot-dog popsicles, PC gamers are better in bed, House of the Dragon season 2, Jeffery Dean Morgan joins The Boys.

Revs and Rex: House of the Dragon ep 1, Shoresy, DC League of Super-Pets, Bodies Bodies Bodies, A League of Their Own season 1.


August 29th, 2022    

WWG: A Rational Fear of Heights

How Does it Taste? Marshmello's limited edition Coke, Hostess Boost Donettes 

Happy Birth/Death Day: Bugs Moran, Wilt Chamberlain, Kenny Rogers and more

This Week in Geek: Fortnite Eminem, Saw returns, Ferris Beuller spin off, HBO MAX removing over 40 titles, Stallone's new superhero movie, the controversy of the monster cereals.

Revs and Rex: Fall, Emily the Criminal and Beast


August 22nd, 2022    

WWG: Potatoes and Rice

Today in Geek History: Michael Jackson buys the rights to The Beatles songs, major U.S. power outage, Ponyo and more

How Does it Taste? Coca-Cola Dreamworld

Everybody Loves a List: Six wonderfully weird podcasts

This Week in Geek: Meet and greet a great white shark, original story concept for Jurassic Park was not good, magnetic fishing trip, new Batman Beyond costume, Resident Evil producer leaves company after 27 years for another and Disney+ adds ad-tier and raises prices.

Revs and Rex: Road 49 and Dayshift



August 15th, 2022    

1 Degree From Kevin Bacon

Happy Birth/Death Day: Whitney Houston, Anna Kendrick, Bernie Mac and more.

This Week in Geek: Logan and Deapool now on Disney+, Duolingo has teamed with Game of Thrones, Insidious 5 and Sonic 3 release dates confirmed, gamer banned from Apex Legend tournament, emo Wendy's logo, Utah college offering porn class, Breaking Bad statues. 

Revs and Rex: The Bad Guys, Where the Crawdads Sing, The Gray Man, Nope, Prey and Bullet Train.

July 24th, 2022    

All the Mustard

Today in Geek History: Disneyland opens, Multiplicity, The Mask of Zorro and more.

T.W.i.G: Sandra Bullock wants the "Wolverine people" to cast Daniel Radcliffe,  George Clooney's bat suit is going up for auction (nipples and all) you can put your face on an action figure, The Office Lego set comes with 15 mini figs, American tourist falls into Mount Vesuvius while trying to take a selfie, Netflix's Greek mythology series casts Jeff Goldblum as Zeus, Antony Star possibly cast as Dracula in Blade and Spoon shaped fries!

For Your Reconsideration: Treasure Planet

Revs and Rex: Minions The Rise of Gru and Batman Unburied

July 17th, 2022    

Blame it on Prime

How Does it Taste? Prime sports drink

Happy Birth/Death Day: Nikola Tesla, Jake LaMotta, Sofia Vergara and more

This Week in Geek: Another live action Death Note, man steals R2 droid at Walt Disney World, Lego Bowser, Pussy Island, Yu-Gi-Oh creator found dead, Captain America 4 finds director.

Revs and Rex: Somebody Feed Phil season5 and Thor: Love and Thunder

July 4th, 2022    

WWG: Hot Pineapple

How Does it Taste? Mountain Dew Baja Gold and Mango Gem

Today in Geek History: George Washington appointed general, Tom Cruise, The Clash and more

This Week in Geek: Morbius on VUDU, original TMNT cartoon being rebooted for a comic book series, Cameron Diaz coming out of retirement for Netflix, Friends creator apologizes for lack of diversity with 4 million dollars, Snake in the Grass reality show, Ghostbusters 5 gets a release date.

Revs and Rex: Elvis, The Black Phone and The Bear 

June 26th, 2022    

Madness Baked In

New Merchandise available

HBDD: Moe Howard, Pat Buttram, Taz, Anton Yelchin and more

T.W.i.G.: NPH joins Doctor Who, Jack Daniels and Coke in same can, real life Squid Game, 30 million year old mantis, G-Fuel fires employees for protesting, Jon Snow spin-off, Halo Juneteenth skin, Stray the video game you play as a cat.

Revs and Rex: Harley Quinn series, Lightyear, TMNT: Shredder's Revenge


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