World War G

Each week Troy, AJ sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

January 12th, 2022    

WWG: Hitler Did It

E.C. Does It crafts

Happy Birth Event Day: Richard Nixon, J.K. Simmons, Joe Lewis, The Black Dahlia and more

This Week in Geek: Turning Red coming exclusively to Disney+, Winnie the Pooh is now public domain, Emma Watson baby photo mix up, Jeopardy has it's first woman 1 million dollar winner, The Boys season 3, Rooney Mara to play Audrey Hepburn, Spider-Man No Way Home box office.

Revs and Rex: The 355, Lost in Space season 3, Cobra Kai and Harry Potter 20th reunion.


January 3rd, 2022    

The World War G Deathcast

We apologize for indirectly killing Betty White

Today in Geek History: Ronald Reagan enters politics, Richard Nixon, and the Scottish holiday First Footing

This Week in Geek: Famous toy designer dies, Norman Reedus teases MCU role, James Bond's stolen car has been found, Seattle Space Needle Halo music, Dwayne Johnson responds to Vin Diesel's comments, Airbnb in Oregon is taking steps to fight discrimination.

Our Top Ten Worst and Best Movies of 2021: Shang-Chi, Jungle Cruise, Halloween Kills and more

Revs and Rex: The King's Man, Tick Tick Boom, Nightmare Alley, LetterKenny season 10 and Batman/Superman #22

December 27th, 2021    

Kneel Before Zom!

Season's Eatings: Apple Pie and Sugar Cookie Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Do You Even Nerd: Troy tests his Spider-Man knowledge to see if our newest Patron Shawn wins a 25$ gift card.

Happy Birth/Death Day: Calico Jack, Jared Leto, Gorgeous George and more

This Week in Geek: Method acting moments that went too far, Zendaya and Tom Holland were told not to date, Punisher gets rid of his iconic symbol, Blue Beetle will be released in theaters and on HBO Max, Marvel teases possible TMNT crossover for 2022.

Revs and Rex: No Time to Die, Being the Ricardos and The Card Counter


December 20th, 2021    

WWG: Jesus Fatigue

Today in Geek History: A Christmas Carol, Lord of the Rings and more

This Week in Geek: Betty White's 100th birthday celebration, Tom Holland wants a break from acting, New Han Solo comic book, Goonies TV show kinda, Jeff Garlin exits The Goldbergs, Chadwick Boseman would want Black Panther recast according to his brother.

Revs and Rex: West Side Story and Spider-Man No Way Home (spoiler free)


December 15th, 2021    

WWG: All the Tom Holland

Season's Eatings: Cinnamon Bun Snickers
Everybody Loves a List: All 19 Disney Live Action Movies Ranked
Happy Birth/Death Day: Nostradamus, Felix the Cat, George Washington and more
This Week in Geek: Some of the hardest movie scenes to watch, Tom Holland to play Fred Astaire, Mega Man live action film, Last of Us series casts Nick Offerman, Chloe Grace Moretz would do Kick Ass 3, Tom Holland auditioned for a Star Wars role.
Revs and Rex: Pen15 season 3 and Band of Toys mobile game.

December 6th, 2021    

WWG: Let Sleeping Symbiotes Lie

Season's Eatings: Iced Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte

Troy's Toys: Disney Mirrorverse Buzz Lightyear

This Week in Geek: Danny Devito would play The Penguin again, Alec Baldwin's first interview since on set accident, Netflix Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Enola Holmes comic book, NYC Anime omicron variant, new Marvel comics Venom, Toys R Us is returning

Elevator Pitch: Our pitch for a new TMNT movie

Revs and Rex: School of Chocolate, Old Henry, Hawkeye


November 30th, 2021    

WWG: Tango and Cash Save Christmas

Today in Geek History: William Shakespeare's wife, George Harrison and more

Everybody Loves a List: 10 best non Marvel or DC superheroes

This Week in Geek: Felony charges over 20 year late fee on VHS, Ed Sheeren has teamed up with Pokemon Go, Earthworm Jim is coming back, world record electronic wing suit, Mel Gibson to direct Lethal Weapon 5, the last Blockbuster is getting a TV show, Ridley Scott is not a fan of superhero films

Super sized Revs and Rex: Encanto, King Richard, Masters of the Universe: Revelations part 1 and 2, Arcane, Get Back documentary, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and Red Notice 

November 16th, 2021    

WWG: Make Hollywood Great Again

Season's Eatings: Gingerbread Mountain Dew and Pumpkin Iced Cupcakes

Happy Birth/Wedding Day: Prince Charles, Travis Barker, Henry VIII, Dennis Rodman and more

This Week in Geek: Paul Rudd sexiest man of 2021, Henry Caville would play Captain Britain in the MCU, Squid Game season 2, Spider-Man run time, the internet wants Matt Berry to voice Garfield not Chris Pratt, petition to bar James Corden from the Wicked movie.

Revs and Rex: Big Mouth season 5, The Plot Thickens podcast


November 9th, 2021    

Hot Smurfing Garbage

Please forgive the audio issues in this episode.

How Does it Taste? Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream

Troy's Toys: McCree and Zarya figures from Overwatch

This  Week in Geek: Chris Pratt is now voicing Garfield as well as Mario,  Eternals  has the worst Rotten Tomatoes score of any MCU film, Eternals  introduces 4 major characters for phase 4, Ecto Cooler returning for  Ghostbusters sequel, Chris Evans is People's Magazine's Sexiest Man of   2021, Who are the Eternals and what are their powers? Gal Gadot to play  evil step mother in live action Snow White film.

Revs and Rex: Last Night in Soho, The Harder They Fall and Eternals


November 2nd, 2021    

A** Candy and Jack Mandible

How Does it Taste: Worst selling Halloween candy
Today in Geek History: The Sistine Chapel, William Shakespeare and Harry Houdini
This Week in Geek: A Quiet Place video game, man's Halloween decorations attracts the police, Which is the best witch? Paranormal Activity 8 green lit, Brendan Fraser cast as villain in DC movie, hunter had an alleged Bigfoot encounter and has photo to prove it.
Revs and Rex: Stillwater and Dune

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