World War G

Each week Troy, AJ sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

August 28th, 2014    

World War G Episode 25: The Simpsons

Join Troy AJ and Adam this week as they discuss everything Simpsons. From favorite characters to favorite episodes, from their creation to why the three of us were all banned as kids from watching it, a popular late night host was once a writer on the show,  Crazy Taxi + Grand Theft Auto = a Simpsons game? Buzz cola is not very good, AJ's parents hated yellow skin, a real life Springfield! Kinda.

August 15th, 2014    

World War G Episode 24: Splinter is Always Drunk

This week join Troy, AJ and Adam as they say R.I.P. Robin Williams. Our favorite Robin Williams movies. Troy jumps to the defense of the new TMNT movie. Megan Fox does have a nice one. The 90's cartoon is kinda terrible. The new movie hits every mark including a ninja rap! Ninja Turtles 3 is an abortion of a movie. Knife to the face! Remember the 2007 TMNT movie? No one else does either. Why does a female Ninja Turtle need breasts? The TMNT Daredevil connection. The TMNT comic book from IDW is awesome. 

August 1st, 2014    

World War G Episode 23: The King WIll Take Your Baby

Join Troy and AJ this week as they discuss Fantasy Con, DJ Frodo, AJ explains his encounter with L.A.R.Pers, Troy knows how to win a war, Sean Astin, Doug Jones, Top movie trilogies of all time. You have to be Mexican to like the mariachi trilogy, Let's all thanks Blade, You never want to pull a Narnia. There are 3 and only 3 Indiana Jones movies! Our top 5 favorite movie trilogies. Movies that do and do not deserve a sequel. Tim Burton's Addams Family. Troy accidentally explains the entire James Bond mythology. Plus a lot more! 


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