World War G

Each week Troy, AJ sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

March 30th, 2015    

World War G 41: Honda! Honda!

Join Troy and AJ this week as they welcome new panelist Lukas to the podcast. Ghostbusters 2 is awful, mickey mouse is a homeless man, Howard Stern hates us, Troy's home owner problems, Troy and AJ's Nickelcade man-date, beat 3 games in 45 minutes, is it E. Honda or P. Honda? Nerd fight! jumping ship to Marvel, Troy still hates Deadpool and AJ still hates Superman, The Fresh Prince and Deadpool connection, Valiant Heart video game, Star Wars card trader app, Lukas is the first person we've met who owns and plays a Wii U, Super Smash bros and Mario Kart, we still don't know how the Nintendo blaster worked, Legend of Korra and Avatar, Why is Insurgent? Maggie trailer, It Follows movie review, the STD (sexually transmitted demon) 

March 19th, 2015    

World War G 40: Back to the Future part 1

Join Troy and AJ as they sit down and watch Back to the Future! SO grab your copy and watch along with us as we take a journey BACK IN TIME!

March 9th, 2015    

World War 39: Dat “S”

Join Troy, AJ and Adam as they discuss odd state rankings, I'm from California bro, we try to guess the actor with the two superheroes they have played, Optimus Prime petulant murder bro, a dark Darkwing Duck, Doug has a multiple personality disorder, Supergirl has a nice S, I C I W, fanboy theories are stupid, DC superhero films will be darker and edgier than Marvel's says DC, Antman will make or break Marvel's streak, Bebop and Rocksteady make their Nickelodeon debut, Troy has not completed his Doctor Who homework, our podcast is having a midlife crisis.

March 2nd, 2015    

World War G 38: Chestita Baba Marta

Our Oscar predictions and how we did, Lady GaGa killed it, gushing over Whiplash, comedians need to host all the shows, March Movie Madness in April, The Goldbergs and Agent Carter, we want to be born in the 20s, Leonard Nimoy R.I.P. Michelle Rodriguez comments on superhero movies, diversity in advertising, a fully functional Batman suit, bat sweat pants, what we would make with kickstarter, Mcfarland USA and Kingsman, Sons of Anarchy


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