World War G

Each week Troy, AJ sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

November 30th, 2015    

World War G 60: Santa Calisthenics

Our NPR sounding episode, recorded at WISEBIRD BOOKERY in Ogden Utah, Mormon muffins, bike technology, the Santa Run, Creed review, Sylvester Stallone can act?! AJ "The Juice" Warner, Troy's PS4 troubles, Battlefront review, Rainbow Six beta test, Superhero movies up to 2020, Star Wars films until the end of time, Fantastic 4 sequel not happening, Luke Skywalker in episode 8, full Jessica Jones series review, Disney Infinity 3.0  

November 23rd, 2015    

World War G 59: Taste the Rainbow Mother %@$#!

Recorded live at Lucky Slice pizza in Ogden Utah, Hunger Games Mocking Jay: Part 2, Spectre likes and dislikes, Jessica Jones, bang a couple out, the abs broke the saw not the super power, The Walking Dead, spoilers in kid's books, Battlefront, AJ's rap name is "skittles", the five best Star Wars video games ever, the Clone Wars cartoon helps you appreciate the prequels, first look at solo Wonder Woman film, Power Ranger in the Thanksgiving day parade, Power Rangers is still on?! Hunger Games poster controversy, the World War G all pizza lets make it happen!

November 16th, 2015    

World War G 58: Adams Bless You

Early morning show, Hastings show recap, we have business cards, life experienced people, TMNT #50, the shred dude is dead dude, B-Level justice league, you don't know me Redbox! Don't let you kids watch Jessica Jones, Constantine petition, Neal Adams pays homage to....Neal Adams, Dark Knight returns prequel, who is your favorite robin? which x-man has the worst power? Suicide Squad is PG-13, WMS, Wonder Woman origin, the top 10 worst Batman villains 

November 8th, 2015    

World War G 57: Is Nag Flavored

Recorded live from Hasting's Entertainment in North Ogden during the Call of Duty 3: Black Ops tournament, Batman Arkham Knight refunds, Troy is THAT kind of nerd, Star Wars merchandise is flooding the market, Star Wars coffee creamers, Snoopy's star on the walk of fame, Newspaper comic strips, another reason to hate Fox News, Muppets get another reboot, Lego Doctor Who, new Star Wars posters, Flash ratings high, slave Leia is no more, new Star Trek series, Klaus: Year One, Hasting's love, Special after episode feature:

Interviews with some participants of the Black Ops tournament including the winner.             

November 2nd, 2015    

World War G 56: Punk Rock Vader

How was our Halloween, AJ is a first time uncle, new Olive Garden tablets, Troy went trick or treating, Jobs movie review, our local world tour, Supergirl pilot, Chewie likes Han, Spielberg can't wait to work with Harrison Ford again, Troy has officially stopped reading comic books, judge Dredd news, AJ is watching Doctor Who, flash in the pan fandom and fair weather fans, Ernest Hemmingway head butts a demon. 


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