World War G

Each week Troy, AJ sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

February 24th, 2019    

World War G 209: From Oscar to Michael Bay

Everybody Loves a List: 15 actors who were forgotten after their Oscar win

This Week in Geek: Ghostbusters and Transformers crossover comic, Nintendo hires Bowser as president...seriously, Space Force Netflix series and how to make it NOT The Office, why Ben Affleck left the role as Batman and a discussion about what makes a good Batman film, release dates for Godzilla vs King Kong and Annabelle 3 and Chris Hemsworth will be Hulk Hogan in new biopic.

Reviews: Alita Battle Angel and Doom Patrol

February 17th, 2019    

World War G 208: Podcasts “R” Us

  1. Will Smith's Genie and the premiere of "The Fresh Prince of Agrabah", Marvel and Hulu developing 4 Marvel animated series about M.O.D.O.K. Howard the Duck, Hit-Monkey and Tygra and Dazzler, Psych movie sequel, Marvel Netflix shows could be moved to Hulu, Ectotron transformer, Toy R Us could be returning to the U.S. city of Sacramento to dedicate a park to Levar Burton, discussion on Podcasts and podcasting, things we like, things we don't, things we believe you should and shouldn't do if you are going to start a podcast, reviews of Happy Death Day 2 U and Cold Pursuit.  

February 11th, 2019    

World War G 207: I got Gamer’s Hand!

TASTE TEST special Valentine's Day Oreos, 17 bizarre work related ailments including baker's knee, fiddler's neck and cobbler's femur, World War Z 2 has been cancelled, Darth Vader is being turned into an anti-hero, new emojis are here and they include a woman in a wheel chair, a robotic arm and a drop of blood, Universal Studios has a Troll character that is naked and farts glitter, a zoo in Texas will let you name a cockroach after an ex then watch as it's eaten by a meerkat, Liam Neeson accused of being a racist, Robert Pattinson being eyed as DC's next Batman, our 3 favroite superhero movies that are NOT in the MCU, Redbox review of The Sisters Brothers.

February 3rd, 2019    

World War G 206: You Get a Marshall!

In honor of THE BIG GAME The ten best football movies, Black Panther is returning to theaters for Black History Month and you can see it for free, James Gunn set to direct Suicide Squad 2, a new Alice video game, Harley Quinn is Batman's new sidekick, a lot of Fast and Furious movies are coming, a new smaller Nintendo Switch will soon be available, Blumhouse is looking to create it's own shared universe, Shaggy petitioned to be in Mortal Kombat a.k.a. Troy gets triggered, Kevin Smith thinks Tom Cruise Wolverine makes a billion dollars, mobile game recommendation 80's Mania Wrestling. 


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