World War G

Each week Troy, AJ sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

January 31st, 2021    

Just Fiddle With It

How Does it Taste? Coffee Coke

Today in Geek History: Guy Fawkes arrested in London for the gun powder plot.

This Week in Geek:

Tim Allen and Richard Karn reunite to host a building competition show, Kevin Hart will be in Borderlands, Fans can vote and the newest X-Men team member, Nintendo Switch joy-con drift class lawsuit.

Revs and Rex: Born a Champion, Avatar The Last Air Bender, The Rambling Geek Podcast and our own YouTube page.

January 25th, 2021    

Which Came First the Diamond or the John?

R.I.P. Larry King

We talk about those famous people that were born and died on this day in our new segment...

A B D Day: Neil Diamond, Sharon Tate, John Belushi, Ted Bundy and others.

Troy's Toys: McFarlane Toys Azrael Batman Armor

This Week in Geek: 10 bad decisions made by Jim Halpert, Resident Evil demo, No Time to Die has been pushed back AGAIN (sorry AJ), Among Us game theory.

Revs and Rex: The Long Dumb Road 

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January 17th, 2021    

World War G 300: Dot Dot Dot Your Way There

Today in Geek History- The VCR

Happy Birthday Betty White

Do You Even Nerd? We debut our new game and put AJ's knowledge of junk and snack food to the test.

This Week in Geek- Marvel under pressure to retire the Punisher logo, Indiana Jones video game teaser, Star Wars open world video game, Lord of the Rings series set thousands of years before the films.

Revs and Rex- The History of Swearing, Outside the Wire and The Professor and the Madman.

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January 10th, 2021    

World War G 299: Let Sleeping Jokers Lie

We share our stories of getting locked out.

This Week in Geek-

10 highest rated episodes of television according to IMDB, Batman fans to to see Michael Keaton in a Batman Beyond film, Star Trek has reached 800 TV episodes and films, Hitman 3 will pay homage to Knives out film, Ray Fisher as Cyborg has been written out of the Flash movie, Universal Monsters are coming to YouTube.

We break down what to expect on the podcast starting next week.

January 4th, 2021    

World War G 298: A WIld Doritios Chase

Taste Test- 3D Doritios

The good things that celebrities have done during the pandemic

This Week in Geek- Michael B. Jordan will direct Creed 3, Wonder Woman 84 is the biggest streaming film of 2020, Gerard Butler cast as Kratos in upcoming God of War film, there were more women directors in the last year then ever before.

Year End Best of 2020 (a contradiction in terms)-

Revs and Rex- Wonder Woman 84 and Soul



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