World War G 120: T & A at the Movies The Incredible Hulk

Grab your copy of 2008's The Incredible Hulk and watch along with us as we dive into the second ever Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Hulk is one of the only MCU phase one film that is not an origin story, you make a bad guy by killing an animal, AJ use to turn into the Hulk back in high school, we never liked the 70's TV series, it never rains like it does in movies in the real world, one of the most brutal scenes in all of the MCU, sexual frustration make Hulk angry! The only superhero film in 2008 that did not get nominated for an Oscar, the Hitler Hulk, several of The Avengers have jumped out of the back of planes, The name Bruce was to homosexual for 70's TV.   

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