World War G 205: Good Night Tom Hanks Toothbrush

TASTE TEST! Sour Patch Kids cereal, the 2019 Oscar nominations and Oscar representation discussion, Wesley Snipes in talks with Marvel for more Blade movies,  the Delorean is coming the future?! YouTube is cracking down on potentially harmful conspiracy videos, Kelsey Grammar will be on Arrow, Spider-Man villain Morbius movie releasing in 2020, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles getting another movie reboot, the Elder Scrolls cookbook mmmmm sweet rolls and a big wheel of cheese, Sky High had a potential sequel and was it too ahead of it's time? Tom Hanks WW2 movie pushed back and we answer the immortal question "How much would you pay to brush Tom Hanks teeth? The JRR Tolkien movie nobody wanted.

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