World War G 207: I got Gamer’s Hand!

TASTE TEST special Valentine's Day Oreos, 17 bizarre work related ailments including baker's knee, fiddler's neck and cobbler's femur, World War Z 2 has been cancelled, Darth Vader is being turned into an anti-hero, new emojis are here and they include a woman in a wheel chair, a robotic arm and a drop of blood, Universal Studios has a Troll character that is naked and farts glitter, a zoo in Texas will let you name a cockroach after an ex then watch as it's eaten by a meerkat, Liam Neeson accused of being a racist, Robert Pattinson being eyed as DC's next Batman, our 3 favroite superhero movies that are NOT in the MCU, Redbox review of The Sisters Brothers.

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