World War G 93: Salt Lake Comic Con 2016

R.I.P. Gene Wilder, we don't know a lot of his work turns out, R.I.P. Troy's Grandpa, Salt Lake Comic Con 2016, tips for surviving comic con, plan costume accordingly, plan a schedule, plan for parking, plan for food, be as comfortable as possible, you do not need to buy expensive passes or photo ops with celebrities, be aware of your bits men AND women, it's cosplay not dress up! Mark Hamill is a nerd, how did he land the role of the Joker, William Shatner rambled about something, more fun with voice actors, Michael Rooker is insane, accidentally giving out James Gunn's number, Famke Janssen was bored, Family Feud, James Arnold Taylor's Talking to Myself, awkward celebrity encounters, we should make our own convention with cutouts! AJ reviews Don't Breathe and The Wolf Among Us, watching hours of retro 90's commercials, watch Harmon Quest thank us later.   

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