World War G

Each week Troy and AJ sit down and discuss about all the geeky news of the week.

March 26th, 2017    

World War G 121: You’ve Lost That Pirate Feeling

Pirates 5 trailer, is anyone still interested? Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow are one in the same at this point, Justice League trailer, it's literally too dark, still not sold on The Flash, why does he need armor? Mamoa's Aquaman is growing on us, 22 hidden secrets in the film "Get Out" you probably missed (spoilers) Frank Oz knows why the new Muppet tv show failed, MST3K reboot coming to Netflix, Monopoly has added new tokens, Robert Downey Jr. to star in new Dr. Dolittle film, Mrvel TV and movie crossovers wouldn't work according to one of the stars, Brett Ratner doesn't like Rotten Tomatoes, The Belko Experiment and Kong: Skull Island movie reviews.  


March 21st, 2017    

World War G 120: T & A at the Movies The Incredible Hulk

Grab your copy of 2008's The Incredible Hulk and watch along with us as we dive into the second ever Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Hulk is one of the only MCU phase one film that is not an origin story, you make a bad guy by killing an animal, AJ use to turn into the Hulk back in high school, we never liked the 70's TV series, it never rains like it does in movies in the real world, one of the most brutal scenes in all of the MCU, sexual frustration make Hulk angry! The only superhero film in 2008 that did not get nominated for an Oscar, the Hitler Hulk, several of The Avengers have jumped out of the back of planes, The name Bruce was to homosexual for 70's TV.   


March 12th, 2017    

World War G 119: Mad Max Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack is back and we review and discuss episode one of the new season, hasn't skipped a beat, still holds up, cartoons now a days are missing heart, TMNT is being cancelled and we are okay with that, first Iron Fist reviews are in and Marvel may have a rare misstep on thier hands, maybe the critics just don't get it fully, Zelda has made people forget about porn, we hate THAT kind of gamer, Laura Croft Rise of the Tomb Raider full game review, Playstation 5 will be very powerful, Nintendo Switch has some issues, it's time for Nintendo to get back to basics, we give a heart felt tribute to Stan Lee before it's too late. 


March 6th, 2017    

World War G 118: In the Pit with Winslow

A little Goldbergs and Modern family love, our Logan review, a papercut will send you into cardiac arrest, we try not to give to much away, Deadpool 2 teaser trailer, the 95th anniversary of the chiclit vampire, The 50 Best Female Characters of all time including, Mary Poppins, Daenerys Targaryen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more, who would we add to the list? Logan topped the weekend box office by a wide margain, a game based on the Batman animated series episode "Almost Got 'im" has been created and we want to play it, Michael Jackson wanted to play Professor X...seriously and Shaq wanted to play Bishop...seriously, the Clue comic book is coming, we break down episodes 9,10 and 11 of The Walking Dead, where is the story going? Rick is a little bit country Ezekial is a little bit Rock and Roll, will Negan survive this season? Carol and Daryl's relationship is creepy, Both Eugene and Troy hate Kettle chips, what are our theories on the series moving forward?   


February 26th, 2017    

World War G 117: You Don’t Know Dick…Grayson

Get out movie review, the winners of the 2017 Razzie awards, we predicted the winners which one of us got the most right and which one has to eat ants, plot twist AJ is Jaden Smith, Hugh Jackman talks about Deadpool sequel, we say a fond farewell to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, Jurassic World 2, Law and Order: Jurassic World, Uncharted movie script reportedly rated R, Lego Batman is gay propaganda, 5 ways to make an awesome Nightwing movie and we come up with our own ideas for a Nightwing movie/Netflix series.


February 21st, 2017    

World War G 116: Netherland’s Snitches get Stitches

Troy goes on a rant about another podcast, we are The Defenders of geek podcasts, John Wick 2 review, Logan is raising the bar, Kitten Squad and Not a Hero video game reviews, redownloading Pokemon Go, Netflix is expanding to comic books, toys and other media, Netflix cheating, new X-Men movie to begin filming this year, next Purge sequel, kickstarter for new Hook prequel, doesn't have the Brasco brass, our darker violent version of a Hook prequel, Christian Bale Batman v Ben Affleck Batman, who wins?       


February 12th, 2017    

World War G 115: Prince Ali broke his knee Ali Ababwa

For Honor beta, Grand Theft Auto bro! GTA is just Animal Crossing, 15 superhero traits that were developed long after the character was created including, Wonder Woman's lasso of truth, Magneto is a holocaust survivor, Daredevil is a ninja and many more, which character's origin would we change if we could, Disney's live action Aladdin will not be whitewashed, Courtney Love and Nicholas Cage were almost in a Batman film, FAKE NEWS! #sad, Harambe shaped cheeto sold on ebay, we are currently looking for cash me outside girl Cheeto to also sell, Lego Batman movie review NO SPOILERS.


February 5th, 2017    

World War G 114: Cow on Cow Violence

Football in terms Troy can understand, Powerless, gay southern Gothic Snagglepuss, probably shouldn't Google that, Samurai Jack, Sharknado 5 is happening apparently, the best thing Tara Reid has ever done, Ben Affleck out as Batman director, swing both ways Wars and Trek, free downloadable games for February for PS and X-Box, is it Monkey Island or Monkeyball, Visage game kickstarter, first person is creepier, selling our bodies for the podcast, Stranger Things 2, Star Trek shuttle for sale, it's probably a good thing we aren't rich. 


January 30th, 2017    

World War G 113: A Scary Old Grandma

AJ went to a hockey game and it was like the miracle on ice EXACTLY, who's in Underworld again? What did Troy find at his Father in Law's this week? M&M White Cheesecake and special cookie taste test, The Razzies and Academy Awards nominations, The Walking Dead will not tone down the violence this season and will have extended running times on the next three episodes, Tom Hardy could be the next James Bond and we are on board, Donnie Darko sequel possible, comic book geek elected to Councilman while holding a special item, college students made moon beer because of course they did, Patriot's Day and Residnet Evil 7 reviews.  


January 23rd, 2017    

World War G 112: I Have to Take a P-Stew

AJ has a bone to pick with Troy, we're renewed for another year, these new board game technologies, we had dice and cards in our day, baby burrito, trying to diagnose the thought process of the internet troll, 15 movies that children love but terrify adults including, Paranorman, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Monster Squad and more, Patrick Stewart is the poop emoji, where does the Logan movie fall in the X-Men timeline, A Dog's Purpose controversy, skittles on the highway, what YouTube channels are we subscribed to, the top 100 YouTube channels, The Founder movie review.


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