World War G

Each week Troy, AJ and Colton sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

January 15th, 2018    

World War G 161: Stop Whining Jodie Foster

15 superhero movies that have not aged well including, Superman, Hellboy, Spiderman and more, The Mask made Troy popular for once oin his life, Blade terrified Colton, mixing metaphors, Black Widow stand alone film, Jodie Foster doesn't like superhero films, will Disney affect Deadpool's R rating? Lindsay Lohan campaigning for Batgirl, who would we cast? Black Panter pre sales are the biggest of the MCU films, the next James Bond could be female or black, Suicide Squad 2 Jared Leto is returning, the Suicide Squad movie and sequel we would make, We review Jumanji, Indisious The Last Key, The Shape of Water and Darkest Hour  


January 9th, 2018    

World War G 160: WWG at the Movies; The Avengers

Grab your copy of The Avengers and watch along with us! Loki is a dreamboat, Thanos is a big purple thumb, Black Widow is quite the distraction, a phone with buttons!? Watching this movie brings out our insecurities, that alien is probably really good at piano, Gwyneth Paltrow is not wearing shoes for a reason, Captain America's super hair, the Titanic of aircrafts, Hawkeye needs longer sleeves...or does he? the Pahntom Menace cop-out, all CGI arrows, what did happen in Budapset anyway? Shawarma. 


December 30th, 2017    

World War G 159: Sam Jackson is the Good Nic Cage

15 characters that are now technically Disney princesses including Xenomorphs, Storm and more, over priced Comic-Con autographs, Jeremy Renner is the best actor for your buck, Black Panther jewelry, X-Men Dark Phoenix is revolutionizing superhero films, Godzilla manga comic, Pitch Perfect 3, The Greatest Showman, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Bright movie reviews, end of the year best ofs, our favorite video games, TV shows, movies and favorite pop culture moments of 2017. 


December 24th, 2017    

World War G 158: Let’s Make a Petition

Most disappointing video games of 2017 including Marvel vs Capcom, 3 2 1 Switch, Mass Effect and more, no crosover characters in new Star Wars trilogy, new Star Wars petition and discussion on why petitions are stupid, The Office is coming back, who we think will and will not appear, every Ghostubuster from every universe to appear in new crossover comic, why did the Amazon's outfits change from Wonder Woman to Justice League and does it matter that much? When will the X-Men join the MCU (spoilers not for a while) our favorite Christmas video games, comic books, TV shows and movies.


December 19th, 2017    

World War G’s Star Wars Holiday Special

Brace yourselves we dive deep into Star Wars The Last Jedi and run down practically the entire film and get SUPER SPOILERY as we discuss everything we liked, everything we didn't like, favorite moments, what we would have liked to have seen, where they might go now, new planets, cameos and Porgs of course the Porgs. 


December 19th, 2017    

World War G 156: Going Full Frontal Christmas

18 humiliating roles of the Star Wars cast including Daisy Ridley's grocery store commercial, Mark Hamill's cockroach costume, Anthony Daniels' Vampire bike and more, the Disney/Fox buyout is all the news, good for geeks bad for Hollywood, The Nintendo Switch, Oscar Isaac as Gomez Addams, movies that are Christmas adjacent, AJ saw Coco, Troy saw Daddy's Home Two and we all saw Star Wars The Last Jedi and we give our SPOILER FREE review. Plus much much more!


December 11th, 2017    

World War G 155: White People Love Frozen

Taste tests including salted caramel Pepsi, Sweet Fire Starbursts and Skittles, Strawberry Nut M&Ms and Holiday Brew Mountain Dew, 15 times Rotten Tomatoes got it wrong including mother! Justice League, Lost City of Z and more, Animal Crossing cults, Daphne and Velma live action movie, why not put ir in the 70's? UFC Twitch stream, Avengers 4 will be a finale of sorts, Become Human controversy and a discussion on domestic abuse, censorship and are today's kids more mature? Disney pulling Frozen "short" from Coco, no Stranger Things until 2019, Happy graphic novel and Battlefront 2 reviews, trailer trash Jurassic Park World Kingdom and Avengers: Infinity War.


November 28th, 2017    

World War G 154: Dia de Los Blanco

15 movies with crazy cartoon spinoffs including Rambo, Robo Cop, Friday and more, Stranger Things actress named as one of TV's sexiest actresses...gross, we're gonna get flagged, new TMNT arcade game is going back to the basics, Stranger Things may be based on a true story, the best Netflix original series, Toy Story is in trouble, Green Ranger vs Time Cop, The Punisher is a PSA about PTSD, APP chat, Animal Crossing, Stranger Things and HQ Trivia, Troy has to crank his cole powered phone, Bad Mom's Christmas, Wonder and Coco movie reviews, Colton's Comic Crusade featuring The Autumnlands.


November 21st, 2017    

World War G 153: Chuck Lorre Fired Us

16 actors who were replaced for shocking reasons including Kevin Spacey, Ryan Gosling, Crispin Glover and more, you can't buy anything with principals, Rainbow Six possible zombie mode, Super Mario animated movie, our thoughts and prayers go out to Thor, Inhumas ratings were so bad it was affecting it's own network and boosting other network ratings, Deadpool 2 teaser...oh boy, Henry Cavill is contracted for one more film, much like the Universal monsters themselves the Dark Universe is dead, Justice League review and discussion, good chemistry, bad cgi we liked Aquaman and The Flash, the fat Bat suit and surprise surprise Superman is in it, reading mean YouTube comments as the ultimate pop culture troll Comic Boy Guy.           


November 14th, 2017    

World War G 152: Heartless Wolfhard

15 Kids WB cartoons we forgot about including Freakazoid, Road Rovers, Waynehead and more, how many stan up comedians have had cartoons about thier lives, a lot it turns out, Lord of the Rings TV show, the young Gandalf adventures, JK Simmons didn't know who Zach Snyder was, Stranger Things actor Twitter war, DiCaprio will play America's first serial killer, Call of Duty: WW2, Brett Ratner, Louis C.K. and the disturbing trend of sexual harassment in Hollywood, Murder on the Orient Express review, Stranger Things 2, SPOILERS, what we liked, what we didn't, our predictions for season 3.


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