World War G

Each week Troy, AJ sit down and discuss all the geeky news of the week.

February 25th, 2018    

World War G 166: Carl! Take a Bath Carl!

Ten behind the scenes stories about famous movie costumes including Chewbacca, Robocop, Xenomorph and more, Resident Evil might be coming to Netflix, new Lost In Space Netflix trailer and how do you make a story you already know intersting? The Walking Dead returns, will Carl actually die? Batwoman killed Clayface or was it a JFK scenario? Back and to the left, back and to the left, fish are evolving to look like underwater dragons...LETS EAT 'EM! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are now apart of Injustice 2 and Troy has the rundown of the characters and his favorite to play and its not who you think, Phantom Thread, Den of Thieves and Black Panther reviews and discussion, does Black Panther live up to the hype?

February 13th, 2018    

World War G 165: A Krypt-On For Superman

Listener voicemail Marvel vs DC similar characters, the passanger drone a.k.a The Future is Now! Game of Thrones creators to produce new Star Wars, Firefly is coming novel form, the Gameboy keychain, Deadpool creator doesn't like the Venom trailer and we don't like him, Trailer Trash Talk Venom, Red Sparrow, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, Skyscraper (there is a good actor in there somewhere) Mission Impossible: Fallout, it's time to stop Tom Cruise, Westworld Season 2, Colton reviews The Greatest Showman, Troy reviews Winchester and AJ reviews Batman: Gotham by Gaslight.

February 6th, 2018    

World War G 164: God’s Dollars

Listener theories about Oogie Boogie's creation, villains we think are better than Kylo Ren, Giant CHewy Nerds taste test, DC fans plan to sabotage Black Panther's Rotten Tomatoes score, Nintendo is bringing Mario Kart to mobile, Pet Sematary, WHY IS IT SPELLED LIKE THAT!? Capcom will pay money for proof of monsters, Mr. Hanks set to play Mr. Rogers, Black Lightning, Hostiles and Monster Hunter reviews, we play Never Have I Ever Geek Edition and it gets really uncomfortable really fast, find out which of us stole geeky things, watched a Rom-Com alone and asked a significant other to dress up as Princess Leia, this one gets weird.


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